Open Borders, Relaxed Immigration Laws and its Consequences

Okay, you can call this Muslim a nut, you can call this Web site “whatever”-wing. This only means that you live in an comfortable zone where you prefer to act as an ostrich as you sink your head in the sand thinking you can’t be seen, whereas condemning those who are beginning to feel uncomfortable while all these things happen in their neighborhoods. Oh, you can also be one of those who “surrenders” by saying: “Why don’t these Americans move to another area?” Or, you can take this seriously as it is coming to an area near your!

Recently someone said in a comment in another post where I also blog, that they doubt that foreigners who come here will demand their cultures to be implemented (as a visitor who comes to your house and demands that you do things as he does in his own home). Well, read this. Call me paranoid, but a pair annoyed is worse than a paranoid… but I hope to annoy you so we do become a pair annoyed. BTW, this is also happening in Oklahoma.

Michigan Muslims demanding their own Sharia Law patrols

Don’t check your brains at the door!

Who is really lying to you?

I tell you the truth!

I tell you the truth!

Every Sunday morning from various pulpits in America you will hear a minister saying: “Don’t believe the devil’s lies”. Then they begin to list all the things that the devil said that are indeed lies and some that the poor devil really never said. It is very easy to impress people stating that something is not true therefore don’t believe it expecting that everyone in the audience will be so mentally dormant that they will not notice exactly what is the real intention of the one behind the pulpit in delineating what people should reject as a lie.

Recently I have been saying a few things in small Christian gatherings (I am not one to exaggerate my audience to match my ego; my ego is big, but my audiences are not always big although they were in a remote past), that people ponder and wonder if I have changed at all from my previous positions. No, I really have not changed, I just believe that even Jesus found that certain things have a proper time to be said and expounded (John 16:12) and now is the time, I believe, for me to say such things. One of them is that one of the big lies that the devil never said but the same preachers who charge the devil for lying are guilty themselves of saying is: “ignore historical facts, ignore theology, shun textual criticism, because that is (again) “of the devil”. No it is not! Our faith cannot or should not be shaken by the fact that scientists, historians, theologians, archaeologists, and other who work in similar fields, have to say about facts of the Bible. Furthermore, we should not “run for cover” every time some theologian say that we should be careful with the interpretation of certain texts because they were written for a certain time, to deal with a certain problem and although the core message of the text may be a lesson for our daily living today, the methods may be not! Take for example Paul telling Timothy in 1 Tim 5:23 “no longer to drink water but also to drink wine” The King James Version says it clearly: No longer drink water μηκέτιv (mēketi), the Greek term used here means “no longer” or “from now on, hereafter”!  Well, we can take from that message Paul’s care and interest on his “son in the faith” health and welfare, but please, don’t obey it the “no longer drink water” today! Ask any doctor the harms of dehydrating your body and, worse, in a state of dehydration, to drink wine… adding alcohol to a dehydrated body!

This is merely one example that not using an analytic mind, checking your brains at the door. Not using those who make a living out of being analytic may be dangerous to you. Lie the preacher who says you are not to listen to textual analyses or criticism, history, rules of hermeneutics, and things of this nature. Even if it is out of ignorance, it is not true; if it is not true it is a lie. No gray area!

brain check

Check Brains Here

Reasoning out a text, questioning and criticizing it in light of everyday knowledge or common sense is neither inappropriate or sinful. As a matter of fact God Himself calls us to reason together with Him (Isaiah 1:8).God is not afraid of dissidents neither is He afraid of questioning, and we should not be either.
When listening to a minister keep thinking! Some preachers will lie to you because they can’t deal with the issues that will arise from a good session of questioning certain things!
So, don’t check your brains at your church’s foyer!

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War on Christianity or on “Churchianity”?

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War on Religion

An Allegory of the wars on Religion

Some people firmly believe that there is a war  on Christianity going on in America today. Many will even present what they consider evidence related to “Christian holidays” and “Symbols” that are not necessarily either essential for Christian living or even doctrine. But they still argue that although these holidays and symbols are not prescribed in the Bible they are recognized as things which have elicited Christian sentiments for ages, thus, any position that prohibits their public display is a a direct war on Christianity. Others believe that there isn’t enough Christianity in America against which to wage a war and that actually the war is against “churchianity” and/or fundamentalism. I would like to know what you believe with this simple closed ended question:

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